The main objective of SICOR® mosquito nets is to prevent the entry and action of insects, protecting your crops, animals or even houses and warehouses.

Effectively prevent insects from entering in greenhouses without blocking air circulation, ensuring a normal pollination and other biological processes inside.

In addition to being lightweight, easy to install and having a long life cycle, our mosquito net is produced with high quality virgin polyethylene and are therefore 100% recyclable.



» High resistance to UV rays
» Effective against entry of insects
» Allows air circulation
» Long lifetime
» Lightweight and easy to install
» 100% recyclable


» Width from 1m to 5m
» Length from 100m to 500m

Standard colors:
» Green 
» White
» Black

*Other colors and presentation modes are available under request. We can also provide tailor made awnings. Contact us!


Lightweight and easy to install, mosquito nets are ideal for keeping insects out of greenhouses or other spots.

Also can be used to construct awnings for olive picking.

Technical Specifications

Standard densities:
» 75 g/m² 
» 85 g/m²

*Other density levels may be available under request. Contact us!

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