SICOR® anti-hail nets protect your crops from damages caused by hail, thus increasing your productivity and the quality of your production. They prevent the ice contact with the ground, causing it to melt before falling into water form, which can help to create a microclimate and, in some cases, speed up production.

They have high resistance to UV rays that provide them a long life cycle and resistance to weather variations.

In addition to being lightweight and easy to install, our hail-proof net is made with high quality virgin polyethylene and is therefore 100% recyclable.



» High resistance to UV rays
» Efficient protection against hail
» Prevents accumulation of ice on the ground
» Reduces the impact of strong winds
» Helps to create a microclimate
» Lightweight and easy to handle
» 100% recyclable


» Width from 1m to 5m
» Length from 100m to 500m

Standard color:
» Natural white (translucent)

*Other colors and presentation modes are available under request. We can also provide tailor made awnings. Contact us!


Protects your fruit, vegetable and flower crops against hail and strong winds.

Technical Specifications

Standard density:
» 50 g/m²

*Other density levels may be available under request. Contact us!

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