Polyethylene Mooring ropes are very resistant, durable and find widespread usage in the maritime industry such as anchoring, dock line and also fishing purposes.

They are slightly heavier than polypropylene ropes, with greater resistance to abrasion, but with the same ability to float in water and also produced in accordance with international standards.

Mooring & Towing Ropes


» High resistance to UV rays
» Good breaking strength
» High abrasion resistance
» Chemical contact resistant
» Does not absorb water
» Low density
» Floats on water
» Rot and mildew resistant
» High performance and long lifetime


Standard presentation: 
» Coils (220m)

Standard colors:
» White  
» Green

*Other colors and presentations are available under request. Contact us!

Technical Specifications

» 8 Strands (4x2)

Range of diameters:
» From 16mm to 160mm

*Specific requirements may be available under request. Contact us!

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