Nylon 8-strand braided rope is incredibly strong, very stretchy, and resists the harmful effects of sunlight better than other synthetic materials.

Their higher breaking strength and elongation level provide it an excellent shock absorption ability. Their superior resistance to UV rays provides it a longer lifetime. These characteristics make the nylon ropes best solution for dock line and anchor line uses. 

SICOR's nylon ropes are produced from high quality raw materials and are constructed according to international standards. 

Mooring & Towing Ropes


» High resistance to UV rays
» Excellent breaking strength
» Excellent shock absorption capacity
» Resistant to chemical contact
» Does not float in water
» Rot and mildew resistant
» High performance and long lifetime


Standard presentation:
» Coils (220m)

Standard color:
» White (Natural)

*Other colors and presentations are available under request. Contact us!

Technical Specifications

» 8 Strands (4x2)

Range of diameters:
» From 16mm to 160mm

*Specific requirements may be available under request. Contact us!

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