SICORNETE manufactures twisted nets, made up of twines with consistent twist levels. They are in demand by trawl makers around the world for different purposes: from shrimp fishing in Australia to demersal trawling in the North Atlantic.

SICORNETE offers “Z” or “S” twisted nets, in both cases produced from high density polyethylene.

All of our nets are subject to strict quality control procedures and are stretched and heat set in order to stabilize the meshes.


Fishing Nets


» Minimum tensile strength guaranteed
» Lightweight and easy to handle
» Regular and stabilized meshes
» Wide range of meshes and twines sizes
» Non toxic for water or fish
» 100% recyclable


Standard presentation:
» Tailor made cloths (m2)

Standard colors:
» Orange
» Green

*Other colors and measures may be available under request. Contact us!


It can be used at different fisheries throughout the world. Since prawn trawl in Australia to pelagic trawls in North Atlantic.

Technical Specifications

Constructions available:
» "Z" or "S" twisted twines
» Knot nets
» Single and double construction

Twines range (diameters):
» From 1,3mm to 2,9mm

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