BLUE 2001®

Initially developed for the Orange Roughy fishery in New Zealand - where high levels of abrasion resistance are essential - the use of this net has been extended to many other types of fishing over the last few years.

Their new twine has a firm construction and a smooth finish that allows it to not accumulate seaweed, mud or sand which is a big bonus for demersal trawls.

All of our nets are subject to strict quality control procedures and are stretched and heat set to stabilize the meshes.


Fishing Nets


» Minimum tensile strength guaranteed
» High abrasion resistance 
» High strength knot
» Tight construction and a smooth finish
» Not retain seaweed, mud and sand
» Regular and stabilized meshes
» Wide range of meshes and twines sizes
» Non toxic for water or fish
» 100% recyclable


Standard presentation:
» Tailor made cloths (m2)

Standard color:
» Blue with a yellow mark

*Other colors and measures may be available under request. Contact us!


SICOR Blue 2001® has proved to be particularly successful for demersal trawls. 

Technical Specifications

Constructions available:
» Knot nets
» Single and double construction

Range of twines (diameters):
» From 3mm to 6,5mm

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