Sisal rope is produced from the Agave Sisalana plant fibers, which are stronger than any other natural fibers. It has a traditional appearance and several associated advantages as it is a 100% natural and biodegradable product.

Sisal ropes have a greater ability to hold knots than synthetic ropes due to their rough and furry surface, which translates into an excellent abrasion ability.

Like all other ropes produced at SICOR, they are also subject to strict quality controls, in our lab, in order to certify their technical characteristics in accordance with international standards.

Ropes & Cordages


» Environmentally friendly
» Biodegradable
» 100% natural fibers
» Anti rot treatment
» Treatment against insects and rodents
» Excellent abrasion ability
» Guaranteed minimum breaking strength


Standard presentation:
» Coils (220m)

Standard colors:
» Natural

*Other colors and presentations are available under request. Contact us!

Technical Specifications

Constructions available:
» "Z" or "S" twist
» 3 or 4 strands

Range of diameters:
» From 4mm to 96mm

*Specific requirements may be available under request. Contact us!

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