Polypropylene strand contains a specific construction to securely tie and hold your goods. In order to satisfy different needs, it can be produced with a different number of twines and with different strength levels.

It is made from high quality virgin polypropylene, it offers extra length and superior strength. It can be exposed to sunlight for long periods because it contains a special treatment against UV rays.

Ropes & Cordages


» High breaking strength
» Treatment against UV rays
» Extra length
» Non toxic for goods
» 100% recyclable


Standard presentation:
» Spools (10 Kg)

Standard color:
» Black (with a colored mark to identify the number of twines)

*Other colors or presentation formats may be available under request. Contact us!


PP strand is the strongest solution to tie and hold your goods, keeping it safe. The anti-UV treatment allows a long and intense exposure to sun without losing their properties.

Technical Specifications

Standard constructions:
» 6 Strands (orange mark)
» 8 Strands (blue mark)
» 10 Strands (yellow mark)

*Other constructions may be available under request. Contact us!

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