Polypropylene packaging twines are produced from fibrillated tapes. Can be constructed simple (1 cable) or composite (2, 3, 4 cables) and are available in a large range of linear densities and colors.

PP packaging twines are soft, resistant, easy to handle and have a wide range of possible uses in the packaging sector.



» Soft
» Resistant
» Versatile
» Easy to handle
» Treatment against UV rays
» Guaranteed minimum breaking strength
» Large range of references and colors


Standard presentation:
Coils (from 500g to 10kg)
» Balls (from 200g to 2,5kg)

*Other presentation mode can be available under request. Contact us!


Mainly for use in the packaging sector or in your warehouse for packing and securing boxes and pallets.  

Technical Specifications

Linear density:
» 1 Ply:
from 100 m/kg to 1500 m/kg
» 2 Ply: from 100 m/kg to 1500 m/kg
» 3 Ply: from 100 m/kg to 1500 m/kg
» 4 Ply: from 350 m/kg to 650 m/kg

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