ELECTROCOR® is a conductor twine that consists of twisting polyethylene monofilaments together with thin stainless steel wires, resulting in twisted twine able to conduct electric current.

We have several references of this conductor twine that can be produced with different diameters, electrical resistances and conduction capacities, which allows you to easily find the best solution for your needs.

Fibers & Yarns


» Does not oxidize
» Chemical and acid contact resistant
» Treatment against UV rays
» Guaranteed breaking strength
» Different diameters and electrical resistances available


Standard presentation:
» Spools (500m)
» Spools (5kg)

*Other presentation formats may be available under request. Contact us!


To assemble electric fences to protect your animals and fields.

It may be also used to produce electric fencing nets.

Technical Specifications

Twines range (diameters):
» 15/15 (2mm)  
» 15/24 (2,8mm)  
» 15/30 (3,1mm)

*All twines references can be constructed with different electrical conduction capabilities. Contact us!

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