SICORSTEEL® concrete fibers are high-performance synthetic macrofibers for reinforcing concrete and mortars.

It is the ideal ingredient to improve the strength, flexibility and durability of these materials, as it transforms concrete into a reinforced composite material. Due to the shrinkage of plastic, it has the ability to reduce and retard the formation of cracks while increasing the energy absorption capacity.

Fibers & Yarns


» Improves abrasion resistance
» Improves load capacity
» Improves flexural resistance
» Reduces incidence of cracks
» Increases safety
» Protects against freeze-thaw cycles
» Integral reinforcement
» Long term durability 
» Reduces labor needs


Standard presentation:
» Spools up to 10kg

Standard color:
» Grey

*Other colors and presentations can be available under request. Contact us!


SICORSTEEL® fibers reinforcement system works by distributing hundreds of thousands of high performance fibers throughout the entire concrete mix. It reinforces every part of the concrete structure, leaving no vulnerable unreinforced concrete cover.

Technical Specifications

Standard references:
» 15000 DEN
» 21000 DEN
» 30000 DEN
» 60000 DEN

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