Throughout the last few years, SICOR has taken important steps in product development, especially in the context of reducing the ecological footprint.

And thus was created BIOCOR®, an internationalized trademark which represents the Bio Base twines developed by SICOR. These products are 100% compostable and produced from PLA – a biopolymer obtained from renewable sources.

BIOCOR® Horti Twine was specifically developed for the horticulture and greenhouses industry, to guide and support crops such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and other crops. It is smooth, flexible, easy to manipulate and contains high rupture resistance levels. Given its elevated UV radiation resistance, this twine is able to maintain all of its properties during use.

Horti Twines


» 100% compostable
» Biological origin
» Produced from high quality PLA
» Guaranteed length
» High resistance to UV rays
» No degradation during use
» Smooth, flexible and easy to handle 


Color: Natural white
Spool height: 25cm
Spool weight: 6kg
Spools/Pallet: 160

*Other presentation modes may be available under request. Contact us!


BIOCOR® Horti Twine is very efficient to guide and support your crops, with the exceptional ability to reduce the ecological footprint. 

BIOCOR®, from nature to nature! 

Technical Specifications

Twine range:
» 200 m/kg
» 400 m/kg
» 600 m/kg
» 800 m/kg

*Guaranteed length
**Other references are available under request. Contact us!

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