SICOR® silo covers efficiently protect your silages and other deposits from damage caused by hail, ice, birds and other unwanted animals.

High-tech weaving together with strict quality control gives to the product uniformity, high UV resistance, excellent abrasion resistance and a long life cycle.

They are produced with high quality virgin polyethylene and are therefore 100% recyclable.



» High resistance to UV rays
» Protects against animals and hail
» Covers without help of tires or sand
» High abrasion resistance
» Long lifetime
» Lightweight and easy to handle
» 100% recyclable


Standard presentation:
Tailor made awnings (m²)

Standard color:
» Dark green

*Other colors and presentation modes are available under request. Contact us!


Cover and protect your silages against ice and unwanted animals.

Technical Specifications

Standard densities:
» 180 g/m²
» 200 g/m²
» 210 g/m² 
» 220 g/m²

*Other density levels may be available under request. Contact us!

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