Staple Spun rope has the appearance and construction of traditional natural ropes but with the strength, abrasion and wear resistance of synthetic materials. Their polypropylene monofilaments are spun into twines before being twisted in a 3 or 4 strand rope. This provides a soft but furry finish which is strong and easy to handle or grip when wet or dry.

It is also strong, lightweight, flexible, floats on water and resistant to rotting as the standard polypropylene rope.

Ropes & Cordages


» High resistance to UV rays
» Good breaking strength
» Excellent abrasion resistance
» Light and flexible
» Balanced and easy to handle
» Does not absorb water
» Low density
» Floats on water
» Rot and mildew resistant


Standard presentation:
» Coils (220m)

Standard color:
» White (Natural)

*Other colors and presentations are available under request. Contact us!

Technical Specifications

Constructions available:
» "Z" or "S" twist
» 3 or 4 strands

Range of diameters:
» From 4mm to 96mm

*Specific requirements may be available under request. Contact us!

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