TIGHT KNOT is the high-performance solution for professional baling of large square bales (LSB).

The innovative Anti-slip Technology allows for a tighter knot that does not slip, while its Extra Length reduces the number of stops, making it even more profitable for the user.

With superior resistance to 130 type twine and longer than type 150, TIGHT KNOT combines resistance with length to achieve excellent performance even under the most rigorous conditions, in the most demanding markets.

Large Square Bales


» For large square bales
» Extra length
» Double tape
» Anti-slip technology
» Ultra strong and stable knot
» Higher profitability for the user
» UV Protection
» Uniform twine thickness
» Knotless and fibrilated twine
» Easy feed
» Lab and field tested
» Quality control ID number
» 100% recyclable


Color: Orange
Spool weight: 11kg
Spools/Bale: 2
Spools/Pallet: 48
Pallets/Truck: 22


Specifically developed to increase the performance of large square baler machines.

Technical Specifications

» 9200ft per bale
» Knot resistance: 220kgf

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