STOCKMENS 4000/350

STOCKMENS™ is a SICOR  brand developed to meet the needs of the evolving American market.

STOCKMENS 4000/350  is an agricultural twine specifically designed to work with big square bales. This agricultural twine is produced with high quality polypropylene and well balanced twines. STOCKMENS 4000/350 is performance oriented.

These agricultural twines were produced for the last generation machines.

Large Square Bales


» For large square bales
» UV protection
» Uniform twine thickness
» Knotless and fibrilated twine
» Easy feed
» Lab and field tested
» Quality control ID number
» 100% recyclable


Color: Blue / Oxide
Spools per pack: 1
Pack weight: 18,50lb
Packs per pallet: 96

*Other colors are available under request. Contact us!


Especially designed for large square baler machines. 

Technical Specifications

» 4000ft per bale
» Knot resistance: 350lbf

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