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We are celebrating!

oct 22nd, 2017

After all, it is 70 years filled with a history about on the will to grow a business based on national heritage and identity. The same story of our country that pioneered new lands, continues to inspire us in the demand for new conquests.

Our success was only possible in the transposition of obstacles, in the evaluation of difficulties, in the systematization of opportunities.
We are the living expression of the DNA of the products we sell - resistance, durability, tradition, know-how. Today we are a leading company in the specialization and production of rope and nets for Sport, Retail, Industry, Fishing and Agriculture. And we export to more than 45 countries!!

Congratulations to you too, for being part of this long and successful project!

We'll continue to look to the future with the same determination that we had for seventy years, and we'll work together to that many others can come!​