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Sicornete – Fios e Redes Lda

Sicornete is a production unit of Grupo SICOR founded in 1990 and located in São Pedro do Sul focused on the production of nets.

Initially, Sicornete focused its activity in the production of trawl nets but soon realized that there were other markets to conquer and that it was necessary to establish specific goals. Continuing its development, the company built its facilities in São Pedro do Sul, in 1993, initiating the activities in the new industrial unit the following year. Its orientation towards the external market and the sustainable growth required once again the enlargement of the production area in 1998.

Through the combination of these vectors, Sicornete developed products for other business sectors, especially those sectors regarding sports and safety nets.

Bearing always in mind that the big wager in the market relies on the continuous training of its employees, on cutting edge technology and Quality Policy, Sicornete invested in machinery with high technological value and in the qualification of its employees. Sicornete is certified under the ISO 9001-2015. 

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Sicor – International, Ltd

Sicor International was setup in 1994 in Aberdeen, mainly providing and specializing in servicing the large Scottish fishing industry and also the off-shore markets.

Sicor decided to open an English warehouse in 1997 in order to expand the distribution of its Portuguese manufactured products. This soon led to the opening of a factory that had the capabilities to manufacture finished nets from the imported base products produced in Portugal.

Sicor International has a diversified portfolio. The range of products includes fiber ropes, twines, cordage, sports nets, safety nets, scramble nets, camouflage nets, bird control nets, litter control nets and complete landfill systems.

Sicor International is located in Bridport West Dorset. The ideal location because the company can draw on a pool of skilled manufacturing networks that were already present in the area.
​The company employs a workforce of over thirty employees in facilities with a combined area of over 20,000sq, feet. 

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Sicorlis – Aprestos Marítimos e Comércio Geral, Lda

SICORLIS initiated its activity in April 1994 with the opening of a store in Lisbon.

It is a company that distributes the products of Grupo SICOR in Portugal, Spain and Africa and its primary focus is, essentially, on the maritime and retail industries. More specifically in the commercialization of steel wire rope slings, chain slings, polyester belts, fishing nets, sports nets, safety and shade nets, synthetic and natural fiber ropes, metal hardware, galvanized and high strength chains, as well as all types of steel wires, including special constructions.

Every single product the company sells is certified and the safety nets manufactured in one of the group companies, Sicornete, are to date the only safety nets manufactured in Portugal with certification.

SICORLIS also offers a technical assistance service that includes a periodic inspection of in stock products for its clients. 

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Sicor Brasil – Sociedade Industrial de Cordoaria, S.A.

SICOR Brasil is a production unit of Grupo SICOR located in Riachão do Jacuípe, in the north-east region of Bahia. The company was founded in 2010 and its activity is focused on the production of sisal twine.

The State of Bahia has been chosen due to the abundance of raw materials and to the existence of a labor force already adapted to sisal. With the creation of this production unit, we intended to promote the production of sisal, in order to increase exports and work closely with clients and new markets. SICOR Brasil was a significant step in the globalization process of Grupo SICOR. 

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